Olympia Zagnoli Cappuccino Collection Set


Olympia Zagnoli Cappuccino Collection Set

Packaging: 6 x Cappuccino Cups & Saucers per set – each cup is signed by the Artist and are a Limited Edition.



Olimpia is a creative female-type person born into an artistic family in Milano. She drives a Vespa and has large round glasses, but the main thing is that she can, and does, draw like an ambidextrous octopus.

Although she will admit to being influenced by Bruno Munari, Paul Rand and the other usual suspects, she creates super fresh shapely shapes, completely new voluptuous forms, in her own clean palette of brights and darks, flat as a pancake, baby.

After graduating from some kind of design school in Italy, OZ burst upon the New York media scene in a colorful cloud of charm, humor, and easy-to-work worthiness (an essential new adjective when describing
young people) in 2008.

She then proceeded to take The New York Times, The New Yorker, and the New York subway system by talented storm. OZ’s bright visions pop up -and sometimes out- in all the best places, including Fendi, Apartamento Magazine, The Guggenheim Museum, and the G train.

She thinks fast, draws faster, and eats spaghetti like a lady. Along with her father she has designed a line of objects, called Clodomiro, including plates, shirts and scarves, some of which are just plain naughty, and all of which are delightful. Clodomiro is her father’s real name.

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