Hypo Capsules ETHIOPIA


Packaging: 21 x 6 Tins of Capsules per case

Deep in the tropical forests, the Yirgacheffe region has rich and fertile soil where coffee is shade-grown and handpicked. It’s in this geography that Arabica coffee is characterized by its delicate, seductive taste with gentle notes of jasmine and citrus discoverable in each sip of medium bodied coffee.MONOARABICA™ Ethiopia.




Delicate flavor, floral jasmine notes

Coffee is believed to have originated in the forests of Ethiopia, and the coffee plant still grows here in the wild, amid the shady vegetation. It is picked by hand in the plantations and even in domestic gardens, where coffee ripens alongside the other crops.

A special coffee with a mild, delicate aroma and a unique perfume with distinctive floral notes of jasmine and a hint of citrus fruit.

Our Monoarabica’s are very carefully selected varieties of coffee. They are reference points that enable coffee lovers to take a journey of discovery, exploring the characteristics of the singular illy blend through the 9 individual Arabica coffees that are used to create it.

These coffees have very specific attributes, but because they are natural products, their characteristics can vary with each harvest, due to climatic and environmental factors. This means we have to constantly monitor and evaluate all the coffee we select. The beans that make up each Monoarabica are only selected by illy when their sensorial profile satisfies our expectations and they meet the high quality standards illy is famous for.

The processes of harvesting and production are subject to seasonal conditions that are very different to the rhythms of industrial production. This means that the current availability of some of the products may be limited, possibly for long periods


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