What is a Fika Date in Sweden

What is a Fika Date in Sweden

Fika – also known as a coffee and a cake break is so much more in Sweden as it is more of an attitude which forms a very important part of Swedish culture. For most Swedes having a Fika break daily is part and parcel of their daily routine. It is about connecting and getting together with colleagues or friends to share time and have a break whether it involves coffee and cake, or a cup of tea for those that prefer. 

Fika is not about having coffee alone. The whole idea about Fika is to share time with someone else and is far more sociable than merely drinking coffee and eating cake at your desk in solitude. 

Sharing a Fika moment with someone else is about refreshing mind, body and soul and pausing the day to take that much-needed break. Expressions such as “Let’s go and have a Fika together” or “Fika you and I go so well together”. 

Fika is akin to the European siesta – a tradition and ritual that even large corporations partake in. The Volvo corporation stops for Fika as all Swedish people think of Fika as being an important aspect of their daily lives. Fika is great for recharging the batteries and strengthening relationships. Many deals are sealed over Fika  

Fika improves productivity at work

Businesses both large and small in Sweden feel that Fika encourages employees to be more productive wherever Fika is practised. Large corporates are all for Fika as it encourages employees to be more relaxed and therefore more in tune with their jobs. 

It makes little difference what type of cake or food accompanies your Fika experience as Fika is all about socialising, companionship and being together where individuals can catch up in an informal, relaxed setting. Food consumed during your Fika date is always well-prepared and tasty, although it makes little difference what type, and in many instances it is a delectable, home-made offering. It is not unusual for colleagues and employees to bring a home-baked surprise for all to enjoy during a Fika break. 

Fika sets the mood

The Swedes know how to drink coffee in style – Fika is often accompanied by candlelight, even during the day, in an office or factory! Candlelight sets the mood to a perfect Fika. 

The Swedes are never too busy or too occupied to enjoy their Fika – why don’t you make this a daily ritual, too, and teach your colleagues or friends to share an authentic Fika with you. 

The word Fika simply means coffee and is a derivation of the slang kaffe – hence the word Fika if you invert the work kaffe. Coffee is a sociable drink and if you live in Sweden, the ritual and time shared with family, friends and colleagues is priceless.. 

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8 Ways to Celebrate International Coffee Day

8 Ways to Celebrate International Coffee Day

Many of us start the day in celebration with a Cuppa Joe. On October 1st there is more than the usual daily celebration…you guessed right! It is International Coffee Day which honours the joy of coffee and how much it has made a difference in the lives of so many. Not only is it a delectable beverage, but it has been the mainstay of millions of households right across the globe. 

International Coffee Day is the brainchild of the International Coffee Organisation in celebration of coffee and how this drink impacts the lives of millions of individuals from all walks of life. Special events and celebrations will take place all over the world – all in honour of your favourite beverage. 

What are you planning for International Coffee Day and how do you plan to celebrate this auspicious occasion? 

Here’s what you can do to Celebrate International Coffee Day 

  • Try a new flavour and new way of making your usual cup of coffee. Treat yourself to a splendid coffee maker or machine. Now more than ever before is the best excuse to indulge in a brand-new method of making coffee. Browse through UTube and discover new methods to make coffee 
  • Learn new coffee quotes – find a good quotation on www.thebaristalife.com which will give you a couple of excellent ideas. A great quote written by an anonymous individual is “Humanity runs on coffee”. Find one of your own and send it to all your friends 
  • Read up about coffee, the history of coffee and what type of coffee people are drinking across the globe makes for interesting reading. Make a game of interesting coffee facts and get the family involved in taking part – it could be great fun 
  • Spoil yourself or someone close to you by getting a coffee subscription to try out new coffee flavours every month. This is a great gift for the coffee lover who has everything 
  • If you are dating someone for the first time – choose to do it Swedish style – or FikaFika is traditionally a coffee date with a sweet bun and considered to be the start of something exclusive with your Swede 
  • In how many languages can you say or order your coffee? Try learning at least five new ways to order your favourite brew 
  • Many of us collect cookery books – but how many of us have books about coffee? Browse through the shelves at your local book shop to find some firm favourites 
  • A coffee cupping is the equivalent of wine tasting – only with coffee. As the trend takes hold, more and more top-notch coffee shops and baristas are offering coffee cuppings for consumers to try out new flavours 

If you haven’t decided what to do on International Coffee Day, these ideas should give you some inspiration. Try something different especially now that you can visit a coffee shop as they are beginning to trade almost normally after the strict lockdown as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. Life is there to enjoy and live to the fullest and if it is coffee that makes your world go round, then celebrating International Coffee Day in style is a must. 

What is International Coffee Day

What is International Coffee Day

The History of International Coffee Day Explained

Have you ever given a thought to how much effort has gone into that simple cup of coffee you drink and take for granted every morning? 

October the 1st is International Coffee Day in recognition and celebration for the millions of individuals involved in the coffee industry. International Coffee Day is the perfect excuse to pay tribute to all those involved in the business of making your Cuppa Joe possible. 

The First International Coffee Day 

Every year when the October the 1st rolls around, International Coffee Day is celebrated in great style celebrating coffee farms and farm workers whose entire livelihood depend on this crop that brings so much joy to so many.  

The International Organisation – also known as the ICO – devoted the 1st of October in 2015 thonour those in the coffee industry which took place in Milan. 

The ICO decided in 2014 that observing International Coffee Day every year was an important date to raise the awareness and to address issues that coffee farmers throughout the world must face daily. 

Coffee has been around for centuries; therefore, celebrating this auspicious drink makes sense. Ethiopia was the first country to discover coffee beans in the 9th century. The seeds are the pips found inside the coffee berry (we also refer to as a coffee cherry). 

Legend has it that a goatherd first noticed the effects that these berries had on his goats. Local monks were made aware of the effects of the coffee cherries on the goats which led them to start experimenting with the coffee, keeping them alert and awake during their prayers. One thing led to another and the rest is history. 

Coffee was made popular in the Middle East during the 15th century which then spread to Asia, making its way to Italy. From there coffee fast made its way across Europe and then to America. Today we take coffee for granted. The history of the humble cup of coffee is a colourful one. 

Today, coffee is one of the largest crops grown right across the globe. It is important that we buy and promote coffee that is ethically grown and harvested so that coffee growers – especially those in poorer countries – are compensated fairly. It is vital that we support ethical coffee and that we are selective in the brands that we buy. 

When you drink your cup of coffee on International Coffee Day, pause for a minute and drink in the delectable aromas that have been brought to your cup through the toil of those many kilometres away. 

Celebrating International Coffee Day 

  • Celebrate International Coffee Day with a delicious Cuppa Joe. With so many types of coffee right at your fingertips varying in aromas, flavours and strength, try something new on International Coffee Day. 
  • Plan a get-together with friends or family. What better way to share some gossip over a cup of coffee? 

Whether you are sharing a latte, Americano, cappuccino or expresso, there is a coffee for every palate. Celebrate International Coffee Day in style. 

International Coffee Day and National Coffee Day

International Coffee Day and National Coffee Day

Coffee enthusiasts from all over the world will be celebrating International Coffee Day on the 1st of October this year. This is to honour coffee farmers, workers on coffee farms and the millions of individuals that are part of the process that is responsible for bringing the humble coffee bean to your favourite cup of Joe every morning. 

National Coffee Day Explained 

But what is National Coffee Day and how does it differ from International Coffee Day? If you live in America, you will be following National Coffee Day which falls on the 29th of September. There is, however, a common denominator between these two celebrations – both promote and celebrate the coffee culture of which there are millions of enthusiasts. 

If you are lucky enough to live in the US and celebrate National Coffee Day large coffee name brands go out on a limb to make this occasion festive, attracting consumers to their outlets by offering free cups of coffee when visiting their stores. Big names such as Dunkin Donuts, Wawa, McDonalds, 7-Eleven and Starbucks are a couple of big brands that go out on a limb offering specials and giveaways, attracting customers to their stores like bees to flowers. 

When is National Coffee Day in America? 

National Coffee Day is a purely American custom as is the 4th of July and Thanksgiving Day. It should come as no surprise that millions of consumers flock for their freebies on National Coffee Day, spending mega dollars on other items on sale.  

The origins of National Coffee Day are the brainchild of the National Coffee Association – also known as the NCA, which promoted coffee awareness in 2005. The date, however, is somewhat sketchy as it is difficult to find official clippings of the event. 

About International Coffee Day 

International Coffee Day, on the other hand, is a global event throughout the world with its origins in Milan. The International Coffee Organisation started this tradition which is behind this event that honours and celebrates the coffee industry.  

Who is The International Coffee Organisation and What Do They Do? 

The ICO or International Coffee Organisation is the primary intergovernmental organisation that represents the coffee industry across the globe. The aim is to bring together issues and challenges regarding the importing, exporting and other challenges that the coffee industry faces. The members of the ICO consist of 98% of world production and 67 % of consumers across the globe. 

The plight of what coffee farmers are being paid is the highlight of this year’s International Coffee Day, as farmers are being paid low rates even though coffee has never cost more per cup per consumer. 

It is encouraging that the coffee community is coming together to tackle the challenges on a global front – challenges that coffee bean farmers around the world are facing as their wages are too little

Everyone from consumers to baristas, exporters, importers and everyone involved in the coffee industry has a responsibility to assist coffee farmers. 

Get More from Your Coffee Bean

Get More from Your Coffee Bean

Manufacturers are now including coffee in numerous cosmetics and beauty products 

Coffee is fast becoming one of the most sought-after drinks on earth. The simple act of infusing a couple of roasted beans into hot water has been consumed and savoured by generations for centuriesThe humble coffee bean has gone a step further and is now being included in a whole new way in the world of beauty. Skincare creations have climbed onto the bandwagon where coffee ingredients are now being used in a broad spectrum of products for skincare purposes. The ingredients are natural and contain components that are beneficial with excellent – these are especially good for anti-ageing.  

All ingredients found in coffee are unique and have unique qualities and benefits. Here are a few good examples of natural products that contain coffee as a base 

  • What is Green Coffee Oil 

Green coffee oil, also known as GCO is often used in cosmetics as it contains a high content of emollients and anti-ageing properties. It is very safe to use in topical applications. GCO is compatible with most skin types. GCO is cold pressed from green, fresh coffee beans. The main ingredients are essential fatty acids and phytosterols, with an earthy, rather woody aroma which is distinctly different from the aroma we associated with the roasting of coffee beans. GCO is a brilliant addition to products for mature skin types and is often used in spa and facial treatments. 

  • What is Roasted Coffee Oil 

Perhaps the most distinctive difference between your GCO and Roasted Coffee Oil is in the colour and smell. This oil is dark and richly brown in colour plus it has aunmistakable coffee odour. Your Roasted Coffee Oil is a rich lubricant which is jam-packed with essential fatty acids and phytosterols. A moisturising product with a strong, distinct coffee odour which is a brilliant addition to soaps, lip products, body butters, lotions and more. 

  • What are Coffee Bean Butters? 

As with all body butters this thick, smooth, rich and creamy body butter is almost too delicious to rub onto your skin. It is tantalising and one could be misled to think it is edible as the aromas are so delectable! The Coffee Bean Butter is made from hydrogenating Roasted Coffee Oil together with vegetable oils such as soybean oils and sunflower oils. Coffee Bean Butter makes a wonderful addition to balms, body butters or lip balms. Winter weather is harsh on the skin – body butters are the solution to dry, brittle nails and skin. Coffee Bean Butters are delicious, packed with goodness and ideal for tackling dry skin challenges. 

The next time you grab a cup of coffee bear in mind that there is far more to your coffee bean than a cup of your favourite brew. There are so many reasons to love coffee – these are several more. 

What is Fairtrade Coffee?

What is Fairtrade Coffee?

“What is Fairtrade Coffee and Why We Should Support It” 

Fairtrade Coffee carries a certification not unalike that carried by organic products. The certificate will enable consumers to assess where the coffee was produced and that all growing conditions and farming practices have been adhered to and that Fairtrade standards, rules and regulations have been applied. 

Fairtrade organisations partner with farmers where transparency, dialogue, respect and the general aim at achieving elevated equity and international trade is attained. 

About Your Cup of FairTrade Coffee 

  • Fair Trade coffee is sourced from across the globe and share a common denominator 
  • Farmers who grow coffee under the Fairtrade label are compensated fairly and honestly  
  • Furthermore, communities and workers that work for Fair Trade all benefit, as it automatically supports an improved life for the farmers and their families 
  • The marketing of Fairtrade coffee takes place at ground roots level – the farmers undertake the marketing themselves. These are directly through international buyers as they enjoy long-term contracts 
  • Farmers learn how to manage their businesses by competing on a global platform  
  • A direct result from receiving fair prices for their coffee beans, farmers can educate their families and give them proper health care 
  • The reinvestment in quality living standards is insurmountable 

By empowering coffee farmers, the families are elevated from abject poverty to a powerful position, ensuring a more sustainable standard of living which is offered to those in this industry. 

Fairtrade farmers are required to invest about 25% of their Fairtrade premiums to ensure the production of coffee is of high quality 

The advantages of being part of Fair Trade is that improved knowledge is offered, and the local environment is protected. Fair Trade farmers are encouraged to grow other crops and to raise livestock to ensure there is a continuous supply of food for their families. 

Fair Trade is a non-profit organisation based in America, protecting goods such as sugar, coffee and chocolate. The general idea behind this non-profit organisation is to ensure that these products meet a strict set of standards that encourages fairness ensuring farming methods implemented are environmentally sustainable. Fair Trade was borne out of the need to protect the small farmer and to improve sustainability and traceability of imported goods purchased by consumers. Fair Trade was established in Germany in 1997 which brought together various global initiatives for trading fairly. 

Products That Are Fairtrade Include… 

Most products that carry the Fairtrade label are agricultural products that have met the strict standards of the organisation (about 96%). These include flowers, bananas, cocoa, cotton, sugar and coffee. There are other products that carry the Fairtrade label, too, which include gold, cosmetic products and consumables such as wine ice cream and soft drinks. 

Fairtrade looks at three levels of manufactured goods – these include social, financial and environmental. 

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