The secret behind why coffee can boost our happiness levels is scientifically proven, and coffee helps brew better relationships in the workplace. Whether you like filtered or ground coffee, coffee makes us feel happy because it stimulates the neurotransmitters inside our brain 

Even though we would love to get along with everyone at work, human nature does not work that way. The workplace can be a frustrating environment if you don’t get along with the people you work with no matter what the reason. Drinking coffee could go a long way to resolve this issue. Here’s why… 

Coffee is fast-acting and boosts the energy levels; it is an all-around lifter of moods and gives one a general all-round happy feeling. This could help with concentration but does a little more than assist with concentration. It could affect group dynamics positively and could assist in viewing each other in a more positive light. This is where coffee gets a big thumbs-up in the work environment. 

Studies that have been undertaken by students in various experiments had some interesting results. The students were put into different groups to see how they reacted to drinking coffee with caffeine before conversations and what they felt regarding their reactions to the other participants. The results were quite interesting. It seems that coffee elevated the level of concentration and alertness and helped the students boost their participation in group situations. 

In all probability that cup of coffee before a meeting will increase your productivity and will more than likely help you cope with individuals in the workplace that you don’t agree with. 

When Planning a Meeting Serve Coffee for Heightened Concentration and Participation 

If you are planning a meeting serving coffee helps with increased participation and elevated involvement, leaving everyone feeling better about their involvement and participation. 

Many social interactions take place over a cup of coffee. When you invite friends out for a chat and a cup of coffee, this is a brilliant example of how sociable coffee is and how it enhances that general sociable all-round good feeling. 

Rather than proclaiming caffeine as the ultimate catalyst for better group work, the researchers pointed to the increased level of alertness as being the mechanism for the positive effects. 

Decades of research on the effects of coffee have explored its effects on the individual but few studies have been conducted on entire groups and their interaction with one another after consuming this very popular beverage. 

Look around you and take note – where is coffee consumed in great quantities? It is usually in group settings such as in the office, during meetings and socially.  

There is a Definite Science Behind Why Coffee Lifts our Spirits 

Coffee is rich in minerals. It contains a treasure trove of chemicals that are good for our health. 

This is What Your Cup of Coffee Consists of: 

  • Caffeoylquinic acid (3.5) which protects us from neuron damage 
  • 2-Ethylpheno. This chemical keeps us alert and active 
  • Niacin: Vit B3, which rejuvenates our cells and prevents us from succumbing to dementia 
  • Trigonelline – a derivative of Vit B3 which fights against bacteria and prevents cavities in our mouths 

Small wonder coffee makes us feel so good – get your colleagues to drink coffee and feel the happy. Perhaps you cannot buy coffee, but you can buy happiness and that’s close enough. 

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