Columbian coffee has definite fruity and chocolatey notes with a hint of apples, red berries and caramel. The delightful flavours are a result of geography, climate and age-old traditions conspiring to bring some of the best coffee to enthusiasts from across the globe. Small wonder Colombian coffee is sought-after and a veritable powerhouse on the international coffee scene. 

Alongside Vietnam and Brazil, Colombia is believed to be one of the finest coffee regions in the world. Little can beat the delight of savouring an authentic Colombian brew. Colombian coffee boasts being well-balanced, rich and nutty with a full fruity flavour. 

But why is this coffee so special and why is the coffee from Colombia superior to many others? 

What You Probably Did Not Know About Colombian Coffee 

  • Colombia is a relatively small country that produces an incredible 15% of all the coffee in the world 
  • Colombia is the third-biggest coffee producer globally and exports over 14 million bags of coffee annually 
  • The most sought-after beans that hail from Colombia are Arabica beans 
  • The Arabica bean is known for its slight blueberry scent  
  • Arabica beans present a wide range of aromas ranging from tangy to sweet 
  • Colombia produces coffees such as the delightful Robusta which is jam-packed with caffeine and the delectable Burbón

The magic of Cuba might seem to be the reason for the stunning coffee produced here, but there is far more to it than meets the eye. Colombian coffee beans are grown in an excellent coffee-producing climate which boasts an optimal altitude. The harvesting is done through hand-picking processes passed down from one generation to the next. Some of the best coffee beans in the world are found in Colombia. 

Large coffee companies are taking a keen interest in Colombian coffee – it is therefore not surprising that the future of Colombian coffee is looking bright. 

The proximity of Colombia to the equator results in two harvest seasons per annum instead of one. Most coffee-producing countries throughout the world only have one coffee harvest a year. Colombia, therefore, can deliver coffee throughout the year. 

The rich volcanic soil is conducive to producing outstanding beans. The soil is jam-packed with excellent nutrients which is one of the main reasons why the beans produced are some of the best in the world. Because Colombian coffee is grown at around 1 200 to 1 800 meters above sea level, beans are of superior quality. 

The key coffee-producing areas in Colombia can be found in Medellín, Cali and Bogota. This area is commonly referred to as the Zona Cafetera, which, when translated, simply means the Coffee Belt. 

Colombia prides itself on its excellent coffee – small wonder because without question some of the world’s most memorable beans are grown here. 

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