How the Sustainability Landscape Is Changing in Coffee Farming Through ISEAL 

ISEAL – What is it and how does it benefit the coffee and cocoa industry? ISEAL is an organisation that improves certification programmes in the industry. Codes of Good Practice were put into play after consulting with over four hundred stakeholders which represent the core values and principles on which sustainability practices are adhered to and built upon. The sustainability landscape is fast changing in the coffee and cocoa industry. Education and the diversification of approaches together with the metamorphosis of systems have made great inroads in farming and production. 

The Global Coffee Platform consists of various ISEAL members including Fairtrade, UTZ and The Rainforest Alliance which have come together to get a clearer picture of how beneficial multiple certifications in the cocoa and coffee industry can be. The general idea is to improve on data collected for more accurate results. 

The need for a joint effort arose after there were huge discrepancies in the reporting of the various members regarding poverty impacts and on how they went about improving these. 

Of special interest is that the members have come to an agreement where data from the various coffee bean and cocoa organisations are now being shared under one umbrella. Snapshots of the data are taken and then shared with ISEAL where all information is collated and compared to the data from each other 

This information is then compared, matched and identified and then compared for accuracy. Similar numbers will prove accuracy and are then recorded for future use. If the data is not similar, the results and data need to be re-examined. This data is used to gauge the size of land, the number of workers protected by certification and the number of smallholders. 

ISEAL plays an important part in providing a clear picture of multiple certificates with the main aim being to unpack the challenges and to tackle any issues regarding the sharing and quality of the data collected from various platforms in the coffee industry. 

ISEAL plays an important role in highlighting how important the comparisons and how essential accurate information is when it comes to the coffee industry as it leads to trust and transparency as well as collaboration where all can benefit in a fair-trading world. 

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