Your cup of coffee will tell all; suffice to say, the type of coffee you prefer to drink will reveal your personality, whether you like instant, to drink your coffee black, like a latte or two, or love cappuccino above all other types of coffee. 

Studies have shown that there are distinct personality types that drink coffee in a certain way. Perhaps you like to add milk to your coffee, enjoy a latte, or like your coffee decaf. 


Instant coffee fans

These are laid-back individuals, but studies have shown that instant coffee drinkers tend to be bad at planning and lean towards procrastination. 


Espresso fans

Studies have indicated that individuals that drink espresso are naturalborn leaders, are hard-working and know how to play just as hard. Espresso drinkers get the job done and are a good example to others both socially and at work. Espresso drinkers enjoy the good taste of coffee, enjoying life to be uncomplicated, with a shot in the morning being the catalyst that starts the day on a good note. 


Latte fans 

Latte drinkers enjoy the comforts of life – the first latte of the day is one of the small comforts for latte drinkers that makes it all worthwhile. 

Latte drinkers often have a tough time making decisions. Latte drinkers are relaxed and laid-back and don’t worry about dissecting decisions. Latte drinkers like to reflect on the world around them in a relaxed manner, enabling their imagination to run wild. 


Double espresso fans

Double espresso fans need an extra boost of caffeine to get their wheels in motion and assists in focusing to get the show on the road. 

Double espresso drinkers are logical thinkers, are practical and not prone to flights of fantasy. Double espresso drinkers are hard workers and function well with clear direction from other individuals and do well at work when given concise instruction. 


Cappuccino fans

 Cappuccino drinkers are generally sophisticated with a distinctive sense of style. These individuals are classy and stylish and are not usually prone to making inelegant remarks or crack uncivilised jokes. Cappuccino fans are creative souls and are sociable individuals that easily make friends. The early morning cappuccino sets the daily mood and gets those creative juices flowing. 


Frappuccino lovers

Frappuccino drinkers are adventure seekers that love spontaneous actions and tend never to plan anything. A happy-go-lucky personality best describes an individual who loves their coffee this way. 

Coffee is a popular drink enjoyed by millions the world over. There are as many different types of coffee as there are personalities – what do you love to drink and does the personality description fit you best? The next time you order that frothy cappuccino or delicious latte, take a moment to consider why you love your Cuppa Jo that way and do you fit the personality profile? 

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