The History of International Coffee Day Explained

Have you ever given a thought to how much effort has gone into that simple cup of coffee you drink and take for granted every morning? 

October the 1st is International Coffee Day in recognition and celebration for the millions of individuals involved in the coffee industry. International Coffee Day is the perfect excuse to pay tribute to all those involved in the business of making your Cuppa Joe possible. 

The First International Coffee Day 

Every year when the October the 1st rolls around, International Coffee Day is celebrated in great style celebrating coffee farms and farm workers whose entire livelihood depend on this crop that brings so much joy to so many.  

The International Organisation – also known as the ICO – devoted the 1st of October in 2015 thonour those in the coffee industry which took place in Milan. 

The ICO decided in 2014 that observing International Coffee Day every year was an important date to raise the awareness and to address issues that coffee farmers throughout the world must face daily. 

Coffee has been around for centuries; therefore, celebrating this auspicious drink makes sense. Ethiopia was the first country to discover coffee beans in the 9th century. The seeds are the pips found inside the coffee berry (we also refer to as a coffee cherry). 

Legend has it that a goatherd first noticed the effects that these berries had on his goats. Local monks were made aware of the effects of the coffee cherries on the goats which led them to start experimenting with the coffee, keeping them alert and awake during their prayers. One thing led to another and the rest is history. 

Coffee was made popular in the Middle East during the 15th century which then spread to Asia, making its way to Italy. From there coffee fast made its way across Europe and then to America. Today we take coffee for granted. The history of the humble cup of coffee is a colourful one. 

Today, coffee is one of the largest crops grown right across the globe. It is important that we buy and promote coffee that is ethically grown and harvested so that coffee growers – especially those in poorer countries – are compensated fairly. It is vital that we support ethical coffee and that we are selective in the brands that we buy. 

When you drink your cup of coffee on International Coffee Day, pause for a minute and drink in the delectable aromas that have been brought to your cup through the toil of those many kilometres away. 

Celebrating International Coffee Day 

  • Celebrate International Coffee Day with a delicious Cuppa Joe. With so many types of coffee right at your fingertips varying in aromas, flavours and strength, try something new on International Coffee Day. 
  • Plan a get-together with friends or family. What better way to share some gossip over a cup of coffee? 

Whether you are sharing a latte, Americano, cappuccino or expresso, there is a coffee for every palate. Celebrate International Coffee Day in style. 

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