Fika – also known as a coffee and a cake break is so much more in Sweden as it is more of an attitude which forms a very important part of Swedish culture. For most Swedes having a Fika break daily is part and parcel of their daily routine. It is about connecting and getting together with colleagues or friends to share time and have a break whether it involves coffee and cake, or a cup of tea for those that prefer. 

Fika is not about having coffee alone. The whole idea about Fika is to share time with someone else and is far more sociable than merely drinking coffee and eating cake at your desk in solitude. 

Sharing a Fika moment with someone else is about refreshing mind, body and soul and pausing the day to take that much-needed break. Expressions such as “Let’s go and have a Fika together” or “Fika you and I go so well together”. 

Fika is akin to the European siesta – a tradition and ritual that even large corporations partake in. The Volvo corporation stops for Fika as all Swedish people think of Fika as being an important aspect of their daily lives. Fika is great for recharging the batteries and strengthening relationships. Many deals are sealed over Fika  

Fika improves productivity at work

Businesses both large and small in Sweden feel that Fika encourages employees to be more productive wherever Fika is practised. Large corporates are all for Fika as it encourages employees to be more relaxed and therefore more in tune with their jobs. 

It makes little difference what type of cake or food accompanies your Fika experience as Fika is all about socialising, companionship and being together where individuals can catch up in an informal, relaxed setting. Food consumed during your Fika date is always well-prepared and tasty, although it makes little difference what type, and in many instances it is a delectable, home-made offering. It is not unusual for colleagues and employees to bring a home-baked surprise for all to enjoy during a Fika break. 

Fika sets the mood

The Swedes know how to drink coffee in style – Fika is often accompanied by candlelight, even during the day, in an office or factory! Candlelight sets the mood to a perfect Fika. 

The Swedes are never too busy or too occupied to enjoy their Fika – why don’t you make this a daily ritual, too, and teach your colleagues or friends to share an authentic Fika with you. 

The word Fika simply means coffee and is a derivation of the slang kaffe – hence the word Fika if you invert the work kaffe. Coffee is a sociable drink and if you live in Sweden, the ritual and time shared with family, friends and colleagues is priceless.. 

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