How much do you know about your favourite cup of coffee?

Some people cannot start the day without having a fresh Cuppa Joe, and at times are referred to as coffee addicts! Here are some ten coffee facts, to inform your coffee confidence.

Coffee is a fruit and the beans grow on bushes which are the pits of berries – this makes them a fruit. There are two main varieties of beans – green and red. Red beans have a more pleasant aroma and are less acidic and are used to produce a lighter variety of coffee. 

Decaffeinated coffee is derived from a chemical process where the caffeine is extracted from the coffee beans; the caffeine is usually sold to the Coca-Cola giant. 

 Listed below are some great things you can tell everyone at your next dinner party:

  • The word coffee is derived from the Ethiopian word, Kaffa, where it is believed coffee was first discovered by a goat herder when he discovered that his goats behaved differently after consuming coffee cherries during the 1500s. The herder shared this knowledge with the local monks where they made a drink with the berries and soon discovered they could stay awake after consuming the brew, praying for many hours without breaks
  • Italian espresso comes from the Italian which means expressed or forced out. Espresso, as we all know, is made by forcing very hot water under high pressure through finely crushed, compressed coffee
  • The Irish mix coffee with whiskey which they call Irish Coffee; in Greece the Greeks consume kafenio which is an age-old tradition where old men gather and play cards on a board game which they call tavli where they consume coffee and gossip. 
  • In Brazil and Colombia, the entire economy is based on coffee production. Coffee is consumed in great quantities throughout the world and is probably the most popular beverage with over 400 billion cups of delectable brew consumed every year; furthermore, it is the world’s secondlargest traded commodity, with crude oil being the first. Coffee is worth over $100 billion worldwide in revenue
  • Coffee is grown in more than fifty countries in the world – these include Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, and Central and South America
  • There are over 6 000 Starbucks in the world – a chain of coffee shops that opened in 1971. Starbucks and other coffee chains have dominated the market because they provide coffee enthusiasts with a complete experience based on coffeecoffee and friends, coffee and work, coffee and snacks and coffee-on-the-go
  • Drinking a cup of coffee every day is not bad for you according to scientific research. Your daily morning coffee provides you with more than a lift; coffee can protect against type 2 diabetes and liver diseases, plus it lowers the risk of heart failure.  
  • Scandinavia has the highest per-capita coffee drinkers in the world. People in Finland drink four cups of coffee and more a day. Add cream to your coffee, and it will keep warm at least 20% longer
  • Mecca banned coffee in 1511, as it was thought to stimulate radical thoughts and encourage laziness, and in ancient Arab culture, a woman could only divorce her husband if he didn’t like her coffee! 

The two main types of coffee are Arabica coffee which was originally cultivated on the Arabian Peninsula, and Robusta coffee which is a hardy plant and contains double the amount of caffeine. 

We take our Cuppa Joe for granted – the above interesting facts will shed an entirely different light the next time you reach for your coffee mug. 

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