Coffee enthusiasts from all over the world will be celebrating International Coffee Day on the 1st of October this year. This is to honour coffee farmers, workers on coffee farms and the millions of individuals that are part of the process that is responsible for bringing the humble coffee bean to your favourite cup of Joe every morning. 

National Coffee Day Explained 

But what is National Coffee Day and how does it differ from International Coffee Day? If you live in America, you will be following National Coffee Day which falls on the 29th of September. There is, however, a common denominator between these two celebrations – both promote and celebrate the coffee culture of which there are millions of enthusiasts. 

If you are lucky enough to live in the US and celebrate National Coffee Day large coffee name brands go out on a limb to make this occasion festive, attracting consumers to their outlets by offering free cups of coffee when visiting their stores. Big names such as Dunkin Donuts, Wawa, McDonalds, 7-Eleven and Starbucks are a couple of big brands that go out on a limb offering specials and giveaways, attracting customers to their stores like bees to flowers. 

When is National Coffee Day in America? 

National Coffee Day is a purely American custom as is the 4th of July and Thanksgiving Day. It should come as no surprise that millions of consumers flock for their freebies on National Coffee Day, spending mega dollars on other items on sale.  

The origins of National Coffee Day are the brainchild of the National Coffee Association – also known as the NCA, which promoted coffee awareness in 2005. The date, however, is somewhat sketchy as it is difficult to find official clippings of the event. 

About International Coffee Day 

International Coffee Day, on the other hand, is a global event throughout the world with its origins in Milan. The International Coffee Organisation started this tradition which is behind this event that honours and celebrates the coffee industry.  

Who is The International Coffee Organisation and What Do They Do? 

The ICO or International Coffee Organisation is the primary intergovernmental organisation that represents the coffee industry across the globe. The aim is to bring together issues and challenges regarding the importing, exporting and other challenges that the coffee industry faces. The members of the ICO consist of 98% of world production and 67 % of consumers across the globe. 

The plight of what coffee farmers are being paid is the highlight of this year’s International Coffee Day, as farmers are being paid low rates even though coffee has never cost more per cup per consumer. 

It is encouraging that the coffee community is coming together to tackle the challenges on a global front – challenges that coffee bean farmers around the world are facing as their wages are too little

Everyone from consumers to baristas, exporters, importers and everyone involved in the coffee industry has a responsibility to assist coffee farmers. 

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