Manufacturers are now including coffee in numerous cosmetics and beauty products 

Coffee is fast becoming one of the most sought-after drinks on earth. The simple act of infusing a couple of roasted beans into hot water has been consumed and savoured by generations for centuriesThe humble coffee bean has gone a step further and is now being included in a whole new way in the world of beauty. Skincare creations have climbed onto the bandwagon where coffee ingredients are now being used in a broad spectrum of products for skincare purposes. The ingredients are natural and contain components that are beneficial with excellent – these are especially good for anti-ageing.  

All ingredients found in coffee are unique and have unique qualities and benefits. Here are a few good examples of natural products that contain coffee as a base 

  • What is Green Coffee Oil 

Green coffee oil, also known as GCO is often used in cosmetics as it contains a high content of emollients and anti-ageing properties. It is very safe to use in topical applications. GCO is compatible with most skin types. GCO is cold pressed from green, fresh coffee beans. The main ingredients are essential fatty acids and phytosterols, with an earthy, rather woody aroma which is distinctly different from the aroma we associated with the roasting of coffee beans. GCO is a brilliant addition to products for mature skin types and is often used in spa and facial treatments. 

  • What is Roasted Coffee Oil 

Perhaps the most distinctive difference between your GCO and Roasted Coffee Oil is in the colour and smell. This oil is dark and richly brown in colour plus it has aunmistakable coffee odour. Your Roasted Coffee Oil is a rich lubricant which is jam-packed with essential fatty acids and phytosterols. A moisturising product with a strong, distinct coffee odour which is a brilliant addition to soaps, lip products, body butters, lotions and more. 

  • What are Coffee Bean Butters? 

As with all body butters this thick, smooth, rich and creamy body butter is almost too delicious to rub onto your skin. It is tantalising and one could be misled to think it is edible as the aromas are so delectable! The Coffee Bean Butter is made from hydrogenating Roasted Coffee Oil together with vegetable oils such as soybean oils and sunflower oils. Coffee Bean Butter makes a wonderful addition to balms, body butters or lip balms. Winter weather is harsh on the skin – body butters are the solution to dry, brittle nails and skin. Coffee Bean Butters are delicious, packed with goodness and ideal for tackling dry skin challenges. 

The next time you grab a cup of coffee bear in mind that there is far more to your coffee bean than a cup of your favourite brew. There are so many reasons to love coffee – these are several more. 

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