How to Make Your Coffee Your Personal Daily Ritual

It is no small secret that coffee has a language all of its own. Different people love coffee in different ways and at different times of the day – but no matter how you enjoy drinking that aromatic cuppa Joe, the secret lies on the midpalate the secondary flavours that one tastes. No matter what our taste, we all have our unique coffee ritual.


How does your coffee speak to you  

For many of us, coffee is like a religion; it is the very fuel that steers creatives, professionals, stay-at-home individuals and everyone in-between in the right direction. It is the driving force behind brainstorming; itt is no secret that coffee plays a vital role and forms the most important part of any creative team or design department’s day where magic is made, and ideas of great importance are conjured up.  

Everyone has a sacred ritual to making their own special brew which is the foundation of workflow the first thing in the morning, throughout the day, or the last thing before bed (this is certainly not for the insomniacs).  

For many caffeine enthusiast’s coffee drinking is less of a habit and more of a sacred ritual. The history of coffee-makingceremonies right across the globe takes an intimate peek into the lives of coffee drinkers who came before us. Coffee rituals are executed with great precision by most – almost to the same extent of that of an ancient Japanese Tea ceremony where attention to detail is of utmost importance 

Most of us have honed our technique of coffee-making to an exact science, often grinding, roasting and pouring our cuppa Joe to perfection. But for the majority of coffee lovers, we have to stick to instant or ready-to-brew options due to our on-the-go lifestyles and tight time constraints. 

However, it makes little difference exactly how you choose to drink your coffee, and no matter what time of the day you prefer to do so; this delightful beverage will boost creativity and innovation to peak performance. 

A little bit of history about your fave brew

Coffee can be traced back to Africa – to Ethiopia to be precise where the brew formed part of an ancient ceremony, which is carried over to the present. You’ll discover that the drink was prepared included herbs and spices that was meant to pass energy and health to its drinker. 

In Ethiopia today an invitation to attend a coffee ceremony is a great honour regardless of the time of day and could last a couple of hours. The coffee ceremony takes place three times daily; in the morning, at midday and in the evening. Coffee plays a major role in Ethiopia with over two-thirds of the country’s revenue stemming from this delectable drink enjoyed by millions across the globe, being compared to some of the finest coffee, (including Arabica beans), found anywhere in the world. 

The coffee ceremony is an ancient ritual that takes us back in time when much value was placed on socialising, fine conversation and get-togethers. The Ethiopian proverb, “Buna Dabo Naw”, which means “Coffee Is Our Bread” is an apt description of a beverage that has become a religion to millions of individuals that need a cup of Joe to kickstart a day! 

The next time you make a cup of coffee or share a cup or two with friends over gossip, bear a thought for the millions of hands that went into making this a special part of your day. 

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