Many of us start the day in celebration with a Cuppa Joe. On October 1st there is more than the usual daily celebration…you guessed right! It is International Coffee Day which honours the joy of coffee and how much it has made a difference in the lives of so many. Not only is it a delectable beverage, but it has been the mainstay of millions of households right across the globe. 

International Coffee Day is the brainchild of the International Coffee Organisation in celebration of coffee and how this drink impacts the lives of millions of individuals from all walks of life. Special events and celebrations will take place all over the world – all in honour of your favourite beverage. 

What are you planning for International Coffee Day and how do you plan to celebrate this auspicious occasion? 

Here’s what you can do to Celebrate International Coffee Day 

  • Try a new flavour and new way of making your usual cup of coffee. Treat yourself to a splendid coffee maker or machine. Now more than ever before is the best excuse to indulge in a brand-new method of making coffee. Browse through UTube and discover new methods to make coffee 
  • Learn new coffee quotes – find a good quotation on www.thebaristalife.com which will give you a couple of excellent ideas. A great quote written by an anonymous individual is “Humanity runs on coffee”. Find one of your own and send it to all your friends 
  • Read up about coffee, the history of coffee and what type of coffee people are drinking across the globe makes for interesting reading. Make a game of interesting coffee facts and get the family involved in taking part – it could be great fun 
  • Spoil yourself or someone close to you by getting a coffee subscription to try out new coffee flavours every month. This is a great gift for the coffee lover who has everything 
  • If you are dating someone for the first time – choose to do it Swedish style – or FikaFika is traditionally a coffee date with a sweet bun and considered to be the start of something exclusive with your Swede 
  • In how many languages can you say or order your coffee? Try learning at least five new ways to order your favourite brew 
  • Many of us collect cookery books – but how many of us have books about coffee? Browse through the shelves at your local book shop to find some firm favourites 
  • A coffee cupping is the equivalent of wine tasting – only with coffee. As the trend takes hold, more and more top-notch coffee shops and baristas are offering coffee cuppings for consumers to try out new flavours 

If you haven’t decided what to do on International Coffee Day, these ideas should give you some inspiration. Try something different especially now that you can visit a coffee shop as they are beginning to trade almost normally after the strict lockdown as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. Life is there to enjoy and live to the fullest and if it is coffee that makes your world go round, then celebrating International Coffee Day in style is a must. 

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